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A daisy chain, also known as a “round robin,” is a type of collaborative writing where each contributor writes one part before passing it onto the next person to continue the piece. Think of it like people adding to a story as you’re telling it around a campfire or at a sleepover! 

To connect the creative community at McMaster outside of synchronous events, we’re creating some “daisy chain” collaborative stories and poems of our own. And for every teensy, tweet-like entry that you add to the larger chain by February 21 at 11:59PM EST, you’ll be entered to win one of two $20 Skip the Dishes or Starbucks giftcards. 

The more “daisies” you add for other students to enjoy, the more chances you have at winning! Plus, you’ll be participating in a cool collaborative project and digitally sharing your creativity with your peers. Completed and copy-edited versions of these pieces will also be shared across our socials and in a future issue with the names of everyone that contributed.

To join in, sign up for or log into the fancy forum system we've made just for this initiative with your McMaster email (but not the password that you use with your McMaster account; we’re just collecting emails so that we can verify that you’re a student and contact draw winners after February 21!) and then make a post to one of the four writing pieces that we’ve created below, continuing from whatever was posted above you in the story or poem.

Questions? Concerns? Let the Incite Editorial team know!

Start by signing up here!
Then, COMMENT on one of the pre-existing "DISCUSSION" story/poem threads to continue from where the last post left the piece. When prompted to make profile public, click yes so that you can add a comment publicly.
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